Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Wedding in Vegas!

Hello, I'm Thespa, and right now I'm obsessed with planning my wedding in Fabulous Las Vegas!

A little history to get us caught up to this point...
My husband and I got married in August of 1995, it wasn't a fancy wedding in any resemblance. It was the cheapest wedding we could find without going to a justice of the peace. It was outside, about 107 degrees in the shade, my dress was pulled off the clearance rack at Dillards, my moms friends did my flower bouque, my hair (which wasn't anything like I wanted) and after we were hitched we had a reception at my moms house. After that we dashed off to a hotel for a few hours and the next morning we got up, went to our apartment and packed all of our stuff and moved out. :(
Yeah....what a honeymoon!

Anyway, my husband and I always said we would take our "honeymoon" on our 10th anniversary. We had 3 small children at the time, so...yeah...NOT!

Here we are about to celebrate our 20th anniversary and we are determined to have some fun with this. We went through a very rough time year before last and we almost didn't make it. So at this point we feel it's a important to renew our vows and move forward together. 
So we are going to get married in VEGAS! Yay!

I'm doing all kinds of research and trying to find the best deals, and scrimp and save every little penny for our trip in July (cause wouldn't you know it the HUGE product market that comes each year is during our anniversary week) But we shall not be deterred. 
Moving on...

This blog is going to be all about my thrifted dress makeover, shoe redo, rockabilly style wedding ideas, Hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, Vegas deals, Freebies, and whatever else I see that catches my eye.

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