Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Venetian Las Vegas...Yay!...Cheap? No Way!... Yes Way!

 When my husband and I decided to renew our vows in Vegas I went looking for hotels. I fell in love with the Venetian Suites and really wanted to stay there. One look at their room rates had me looking for other options, but everything just seemed to pale in comparison.
I just really like the two level rooms with a sitting area and bed. Lots of room to move around and the bathrooms are just beautiful, even for the cheapest rooms.
See below the expected "cheapest room" prices during the month we will be going.
 Our week of course is one of the most expensive (with fares over $200 a night!)
I started looking into getting a room there via Priceline or Hotwire. Priceline just seamed a little complicated and needing more time and attention than I was willing to put forth for a room. And at first I was skeptical of Hotwire, thinking that surely I could find a room via the hotel website for the same or better price. But after looking and looking there was no better deal to be found. 
The "Catch"...
When buying a room through Hotwire you don't get the name of the hotel you are staying at until after you pay for it. That's because they offer rates much lower than anywhere on the web and the hotels don't want their room rates advertised for that amount. Or so the Hotwire website states.
So I did a little research on how to use Hotwire and apparently you can get an idea of what hotel you will stay at by reading the amenities list on the room listing and the area of the strip it sits on. All information given to you by Hotwire before you buy. 
The following is an example of the listing I saw before I bought...
On the North Strip with a 5 star rating a hotel with a Casino can only be one of three hotels, The Wynn, the Palazzo, or the Venetian. 
After visiting the hotel websites for all three of those I figured I couldn't go wrong with any of them at that price. So I did a little gambling and I WON!

My hubby and I will be staying at the Venetian for only $109 a night.
(I also did a lot of research on other rooms you can get on the strip for $109 a night and there is just no comparing what you get, the Venetian is SOOOO much better!)
I'm so excited I can't stand it. 
Really looking forward to visiting this nice hotel.

I will be reviewing this hotel when we get back from our stay there. 

Also I'm going to be asking if there are any complimentary upgrades when we get to the check-in desk. I'm hoping for a better room than the most basic, but I won't be disappointed if I can't get one, because I'm quite happy to be in even a basic room.
But hey it would be cool if we were upgraded to something amazing for our 20th!

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